Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Net book highlights


   Having a net book connected to the internet is awesome. It helped me so much. I can write stuff faster than using a pencil, search up the meaning of the words that I don’t know and I can share my work with my friends or the teacher. You can email your teacher what's the task for the day, if there absent and we can post our writings on our own blogs. Our teacher  can  see us on his device, what we're working on  and  if were on the right path.

   Its helps me do my basic facts faster by doing my xtramath and if you don't know what it means, it is a math program online that our whole class go on it to learn our basic facts faster. When I need help on my maths, I go to my tracking my success, a site that our teacher created to show the highlights of our learning and it has videos that helps us to do new year strategies. I’ve also learn to read better because there lot of sites that you can read online like Kiwi kids new, Nz herald and there are lots more. We also go on a program called math whizz. Math whizz helps me to learn new stuff on maths and it makes our brain work faster.

  If we didn't have any netbooks our learning we be slowing down and lot of us won't know that much words. I'm glad  that I came to this school where we learn with net books.

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