Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Net book highlights


   Having a net book connected to the internet is awesome. It helped me so much. I can write stuff faster than using a pencil, search up the meaning of the words that I don’t know and I can share my work with my friends or the teacher. You can email your teacher what's the task for the day, if there absent and we can post our writings on our own blogs. Our teacher  can  see us on his device, what we're working on  and  if were on the right path.

   Its helps me do my basic facts faster by doing my xtramath and if you don't know what it means, it is a math program online that our whole class go on it to learn our basic facts faster. When I need help on my maths, I go to my tracking my success, a site that our teacher created to show the highlights of our learning and it has videos that helps us to do new year strategies. I’ve also learn to read better because there lot of sites that you can read online like Kiwi kids new, Nz herald and there are lots more. We also go on a program called math whizz. Math whizz helps me to learn new stuff on maths and it makes our brain work faster.

  If we didn't have any netbooks our learning we be slowing down and lot of us won't know that much words. I'm glad  that I came to this school where we learn with net books.

Yr 8 camp 2013 highlights

On Tuesday the 3rd we had camp for just the Yr8 at Rotorua. We camped in a place called kiswick. We left school at 9am. It was a long ride, most of us went to sleep. It took like 3 hours to get their. We stop two times because the bus driver has to have a rest. It was a long ride but then finally we got their. Going through Rotorua finding our way to keswick with the smell like raw eggs.

My favourite highlight of the camp was going on the luges ride with me Dillon, Crusader,Richard and Jaylee blocking the way and bumping into each others. My other highlight of the camp was hanging out with my mates.

My low point of the camp was walking up the mountain, with the weather spitting and waking up early to go for a run.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Inter Zones, Athletics 2013

On Friday November the 29th Ms Vaafusuaga took us to the Eastern Zone held at the lloyd Elsmore Pakuranga park to compete in the Inter zone athletics. We took the yr8 and the y7 boys and girls that came first in the school athletics and I was one of them. I Made into shot put. We had to pick up the Tamaki primary people that made it because they didn't have a bus.

We had some helpers like (Ms V) Lorenzo and Ms Takere. It was a very hot day. All the boys were playing with sunscreen squeezing lots into our hands and squeezing it around. When we got there we had to set up the tie pole and look for a good spot. Finally it was time for my event.  

We have 3 throws each. My first throw was average, my second throw sucks and my last throw is the one that made me come first. I was so happy. After the whole Athletics I came first in shot put the yr8 boys came first in relay and we came back happily.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Writhing Sample 2013 Term 4

Once upon time at a far, far village called Papakura, their lived a boy name Ben and a father named John. They lived in a tiny house with no tv ,no food and no money. They were the poorest in the village. Him and his dad does the papers to get money . People laughs at them, teased them and worst they throw rubbish at their house.

Then one night Ben and John went to do the papers. They were doing it normal walking slowly, then suddenly they heard a whisper from the bushes it whispered again and again and again. John said to his son ‘’hurry hurry I think their someone following us’. They started walking faster then suddenly someone just jumped out of the bush and started to  chase them.

They ran as fast as they can with the papers falling down.  John was starting to get tired. ‘Come’ said  Ben, then his father said ‘’you run i will take care of the person that is coming’. Ben started to run. The men caught up to John.

John hitted him with the papers then he tackled him to the ground, but the man just pushed him of. Then from nowhere the man pulled a gun out to shoot him but lucky Ben knocked him out with a rock on his hand. John said to his son ‘’I thought I told you to run’ Ben ‘’said its better together’.They laughed and they took the criminal to the police station and they rewarded one thousand dollar and they live happily ever after.

My first day of School

My first day of school I was nervous, shy and angry. My school name was Peace Chapel. I hopped into the car having butterflies. It was a long ride, but finally we got there. ‘’Tana  were their’ said my mum. Walking to the door feeling like I was gonna walk to a room with snakes and monsters. My mum opened the door to enter the school with all the people staring at us with me hiding at the back of my mum. I was shy as.

My mum took me to my class. I was holding to my mum’s hand hard like I was gonna fall down from a helicopter. I was scared as. Walking into the class like a robot with fear. My teachers name was Moana. I had to introduce myself. After i introduced myself. My mum was gonna go back home because she has to get ready for work. She  kissed me on the chick and she ‘’said bye son’.

I was crying not wanting her to leave me. My teacher was trying  to make me not cry by giving me lollies and saying ‘’its al right she's coming back after’’.  My teacher was kind to me. She said ‘your first day of school will be just playing’’. She was kind to me.

I was in the play ground then suddenly the bell rang, my teacher came upto  me and  said ‘school is finish’’. ‘Yes’ I said to myself. I was waiting for my mum, then Finally i saw her. I  ran up to her like a cheetah feeling so happy that the school is finish. After school my mum bought me a feed and wented back home.

All Blacks vs France Nov 10 2013

All blacks vs France with a fiercely contested match at Paris. They started the game with no tries just penalty goals by Daniel Carter just trading goals with Morgan Parra, the first 5 for  France. It was 9/9 on the first half. Then suddenly on the last half, All blacks comebacks with two tries by Kieran Read and Charles Piutau. But France hits back, with a line break by the full back that gave them a try. The points were 19 / 26. But the All Blacks defended them properly, till to the end and they won the game with the final points 19 / 26. All Blacks waiting for their next match against England.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The best day of my holiday

This morning we had 40 minutes to write anything we wanted. From this we are going to set some writing goals for the Term Here is what I wrote

On the holidays October 10th Thursday it was my Birthday. I woke up in the morning i walked into the bathroom to wash my face forgetting that it was my birthday, suddenly from out of no where my cousins yells ‘happy birthday Tana ‘.

I was so excited. My cousins took me to paint ball, my brother bought me a Rabbitohs jersey,my Uncle gave me money and my favourite, my Parents bought a massive feed. After all they sang the birthday song for me and we ate all together after. It was one of the best day of my life

The things that I like about my writing is that I'm using speech marks and my sentences making sense.

My goal for my writing is having interesting vocabs and showing not tell.